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Omsi 2 - Bronitsyn Map Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 - Bronitsyn Map

A small fictitious trolleybus map of the Bronitsyn town. Also in the archive there is a voice informant to the map. There is one route number 1 on the map (Brick factory – Dispatch office) – for 17 minutes.For weak PCs, the corresponding settings are used in the option prese... Download

Omsi 2 - Michurino Map V0.8 Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 - Michurino Map V0.8

Large village map. Contains 4 routes. Perfect for weak PCs! In this version, the map has undergone significant changes:The city part has been rebuiltOn the route of the former route 49, the 4-lane highway has been rebuilt into a dirt roadThe names of set... Download

Omsi 2 - Large Village Map V0.5 Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 - Large Village Map V0.5

A large, interesting map consisting of several combined maps such as: Omninsk 4.1, Russian Outback 1.9, Gostomysl, Suzdal, Gorodets.Now you can ride from Omninsk to Gorodets! There are 28 routes on the map. It is necessary to disable collisions in the game! For weak PCs, it is recommended t... Download

Omsi 2 - Chistogorsk Map Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 - Chistogorsk Map

Fictional Russian suburban map. The scene of action is somewhere in the Central Black Earth region. List of changes compared to versions 0.8and pre-release 0.9:Schedules of many routes have been revised.Most of the places and objects have been redone for... Download

Omsi 2 - Russian Hinterland Steep Ascent V1.9 Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 - Russian Hinterland Steep Ascent V1.9

Fictional picturesque map of the Russian hinterland.The final version of the map! The required version of the game is not lower than 2.2.021 Version 1.9:The environment has been improved (many new villages have been added).removed incorrectly wor... Download

Omsi 2 - Moges – Nostalgia Map 2.2 Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 - Moges – Nostalgia Map 2.2

An updated version of the popular map. Version 2.2. Required OMSI version – not lower than 2.2.021 Changes in version 2.2– Added Russian traffic and new objects to the map.– Now the map archive weighs much less. All unused objects have been removed fro... Download

Omsi 2 - Lugovoye Map Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 - Lugovoye Map

A fairly old fictional Russian map. Contains five routes.This time the archive is complete and contains no errors! Suitable for weak PCs! Routes:3 – Bus station – Lugovoye4 – Bus station – Savyolovo5 – Bus station – Irina Tokareva street9 – B... Download

Omsi 2 - Suzdal Map V2.1 Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 - Suzdal Map V2.1

Plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity and ride along the ancient streets of the ancient city! ATTENTION! For the most part, this project is fictional, with the exception of the actual route grid and the names of the stops. This is a kind of fantasy on the theme of... Download

Omsi 2 - West Country 3 Map Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 - West Country 3 Map

There are no mapping fixes or alterations in this patch, as we want to save time by bundling all changes together in the next version. CHANGES: - Added: C400R Open Top variant, with livery- Added: Bus stops added to SP buses, to enable user-made announcement... Download

Omsi 2 - Serpovsk Map V1.1 Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 - Serpovsk Map V1.1

Serpovsk – Fictional City Map. One Route operates on this Map:23 – 1 Microdistrict – Railway Station When building the map, objects and splines from the authors were used: Alex Azarh, Dark_Wolf, Denlog, Moskur, FireKot, etc. Installation: Copy the contents of the arc... Download

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