Omsi 2 - West Country 3 Map

Omsi 2 Mods

There are no mapping fixes or alterations in this patch, as we want to save time by bundling all changes together in the next version.


- Added: C400R Open Top variant, with livery
- Added: Bus stops added to SP buses, to enable user-made announcements
- Fixed: C400R missing fonts
- Fixed: WH UK AI transparency bug on certain GPUs
- Fixed: Missing route numbers on some displays
- Fixed: Incorrect texture on pave_grassverge_both_parkbay.sli
- Fixed: Passengers crossing the road at Colstead to board a bus
- Updated: PDF Timetables


- Errant 12 AI buses (taking wrong route or despawning). This will be addressed in next version.
- Duty cards. These will be included in the next version owing to route alterations there.


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