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Omsi 2 – Coachbus 256 Add-On Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 – Coachbus 256 Add-On

They are not born a legend, they become a legend.From the 70s to the present day, the Hungarian Coachbus 256 bus still operates. Immerse yourself in the world of Coachbus 256 in OMSI 2. The Coachbus 256 is a large class bus designed to transport people over long distances. The bus's modu... Download

Omsi 2 – Add-on Bad Hügelsdorf 2020 Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 – Add-on Bad Hügelsdorf 2020

Add-on Information:Baden County in southwest Germany is considered one of the most picturesque areas of the German Republic. Gentle mountains alternate with elegant cities, many attractions await visitors. It is in this landscape that the Bad Huegelsdorf 2020 OMSI2 ... Download

Omsi 2 – Add-On E-Bus Hamburg Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 – Add-On E-Bus Hamburg

Add-on Information:The vision becomes reality – after the first eCitaro-type rechargeable electric buses were commissioned in Hamburg in the summer of 2018, this modern city bus also became part of the OMSI 2. Currently, 20 cars of this type are already used in Hamb... Download

Omsi 2 – Citybus O305 Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 – Citybus O305

Immerse yourself in the history of German omnibuses on your home computer and experience Citybus O305 technology. Not only drive a bus with an automatic gearbox, but also be the first in the OMSI add-on to drive a manual gearbox bus in a busy city stream. Use the city bus on line 92 in Spandau or... Download

Omsi 2 – Add-on for The Card Russian Outback 1.4 Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 – Add-on for The Card Russian Outback 1.4

This patch adds to the map:– 10 kilometers of dirt and asphalt roads– two settlements.– A new ring route No. 2, with a length of 25.4 km. Route number 2:Nasarovo – Nasarovo Vyisadka Attention !!! How ... Download

Omsi 2 – Add-on Konstal 4N Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 – Add-on Konstal 4N

This is the first large free addon where there is a map (download map) and a tram to it, you will be given a Polish tram Konstal 4N which has 3 configurations (1, 2, and 3 cars), you will ply along the 25th route of the Polish city of Poznan, not like on the bus, the gas / brake controller has po... Download

Omsi 2 – Regiobus i200 Add-On Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 – Regiobus i200 Add-On

This is an add-on for OMSI 2, combining suburban versions of the previously released Citybus i280 Series, as well as future suburban versions of the Citybus i260 Series. Regiobus i200 – a bus of extra large capacity. This is a high-floor bus with 2 doors, an engine in the center and a dri... Download

Omsi 2 – Add-On Wuppertal Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 – Add-On Wuppertal

On the road in Wuppertal: With the new OMSI 2 Add-on Wuppertal you now have the opportunity to discover the “large green city” with lots of realistically modelled buildings along 21 km of route. On four real bus lines you bring your passengers through the city centre of Wuppertal that has... Download

Omsi 2 – Add-On Coachbus 250 Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 – Add-On Coachbus 250

Get to know a bus from the 1960s that was built for the USSR states – discover the new Add-on Coachbus 250 now. The Ikarus 250 is a coach built from the late 1960s until the late 1990s, making it the first bus from the 200 series. The bus features a manual 6 speed transmission. It... Download

Omsi 2 – Supplement for Map Schelkovo Omsi 2 Mods

Omsi 2 – Supplement for Map Schelkovo

Congratulations to all on the holiday! I am releasing an add-on for the Shchelkovo map, which includes:– A new playable route to the city of Shchelkovo No. 50 (Star City – Nursery) + traffic + real schedule– New starting point “Nursery”– Updated hof rus. and eng. versionsI... Download

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