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Greetings to all motorists and congratulations on the holiday in our favorite game, and where else but here)! At the request of the players, I share this wonderful mod from mud runner. I spread it as it is, in the future something will be added and improved. FPS drawdowns due to textures are possible, this will also adapt.

The mod has:
– 10 of its addons + default trailers;
– Your sound;
– Your cargo;
– Your tracks;
– Added trailer-board and semi-trailer kung (I can’t name the author yet);
– Slightly changed the texture of the tank;
– For the new version added all sorts of puffs-bunches of air.

The author of the model, addons, sounds: Sergey Pasichnik. The author of the wheels: chekhrak. Envelope author from SnowRanner: Canislupusalbus. Many thanks to all authors for such a good mod. The author of the envelope and revision: barsikus5.

Good luck to everyone on the road, do not drive and remember about your loved ones!

Version 2.0 for SpinTires (V03.03.16–1.6.1):

– Added addons awning with a trailer, a platform with a dissolution (load 8 hours);
– Added hook points on trailers + one is now on the crane;
– The crane itself has been corrected, here, excuse me as much as I could, but it is better to fold it by hand;
– Reduced engine power;
– Not a big change in the checkpoint;
– Changed texture resolution, for which many Thanks Sergo!

If you have not had drawdowns, you can throw old textures over this mod
That’s all for now, maybe I forgot what)


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