Spintires Others Mods

Spintires Other Mods

Spintires - Textures for Trekol V1 Spintires Mods

Spintires - Textures for Trekol V1

Install:Move texture files from the folder they are signed by the colors that you like to the replacement TextureCache folder.In almost every folder under No. 2 I made high-resolution textures.Default textures are present if you don’t like it.... Download

Spintires - Unmanned Truck + Wheels Spintires Mods

Spintires - Unmanned Truck + Wheels

Russian Kamaz created a truck without a cab for the driver. The Russian automobile group Kamaz showed its first unmanned truck, which completely lacks a driver’s cab. He received the name “Shuttle”. Material taken: – Something 10 – Valdai 4×4 gas for SpinTires (03.03.16). Author: Soul Rea... Download

Spintires - Gear Lever V1.1 Spintires Mods

Spintires - Gear Lever V1.1

The mod replaces the standard gearbox in the game. It looks very beautiful and very convenient to use. Installation:1. Make a copy of MeshCache.zip and TextureCache.zip to your desktop or wherever your soul wishes then!2. Place the file from the MeshCache fold... Download

Spintires - Intro Mod V1.0 Spintires Mods

Spintires - Intro Mod V1.0

Intro when loading the game. The ability to insert any of your pictures with or without an inscription, indicate your authorship of the auto or map mod and save in gui_intro__d.dds format. and put in the root of the game, the Media folder. Also in the archive left an editable photoshop file (.psd... Download

Spintires - Wheels MAZ-500 Truck V1.0 Spintires Mods

Spintires - Wheels MAZ-500 Truck V1.0

Used all the wheels that were in fashion (MAZ-500 Tipper version, author: HADSON_152) more than 23 types of wheels. I don’t know the authors of the wheels, so I can’t indicate them. Download

Spintires - Series: "Flying Cars" Mod Spintires Mods

Spintires - Series: "Flying Cars" Mod

UAZ, which seems to soar above the ground. Made just for fun. Download

Spintires - Paz-3201 Gypsy Car And "New Years Fairy Tale" V1.0 Spintires Mods

Spintires - Paz-3201 Gypsy Car And "New Years Fairy Tale" V1.0

New Year texture for PAZ-3201 and the car, New Year screensaver and renamed names of locations. Although this is mainly just textures and a fairy tale description, the mod offers everyone its own New Year’s story to play on any suitable winter card, or with a winter mod: Fairy-tal... Download

Spintires - Christmas Texture for The Default Semi-Trailer V1.0 Spintires Mods

Spintires - Christmas Texture for The Default Semi-Trailer V1.0

Installation: move TextureCache to the zip archive (there is a default for replacement). Download

Spintires - Texture Logs V1.0 Spintires Mods

Spintires - Texture Logs V1.0

He placed a standard texture in case someone doesn’t like it. Installation: Move the texture file (models_logs01__d) to the TextureCache.zip archive in the root folder of the game with a replacement.Or copy the new texture file to the MeshCache.zip archive (in the g... Download

Spintires - Hitch Mod for Default Zil-130 V1.0 Spintires Mods

Spintires - Hitch Mod for Default Zil-130 V1.0

Tow bar for default ZIL-130. Only for the game version 03.03.16.The previous mod was for the game version 1.3.7. Installation:copy the classes folder from the archive into the Media folder of the game itself. Mod replaces in the game: B-130 (Zil-130).... Download

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