Spintires Mod Packs Mods

Spintires Mod Packs Mods

Spintires - Ural-Susha Pack V1.0 Spintires Mods

Spintires - Ural-Susha Pack V1.0

– Ural 43223 (1987–93) – Three-axle all-wheel drive (6 × 6) # bonnet vehicle was created on the basis of the Ural-4320 production model, equipped with a modernized KAMAZ cab with a new angular hood, fenders and radiator grill. – Ural 55223 (1987–93) – A special agricultural dump truck wit... Download

Spintires - Gaz-31029 Pack V16.11.19 Spintires Mods

Spintires - Gaz-31029 Pack V16.11.19

Good day. I present to you such a Volga, in fashion there are three of them, police, simple civilian and 4×4. Simple civilian has 2 colors, black, and white-gray. The mod has:3 cars5 sets of wheels.4 of their trailers.3 of their cargo.animati... Download

Spintires - Default Replacement Pack V1.0 Spintires Mods

Spintires - Default Replacement Pack V1.0

Replacement of three trucks in the game (kraz 255, KAMAZ C 6520, Ural C 4320); To maintain the balance of the game, the capabilities of the machines are close to default;To preserve the individuality of the mods / trucks used, almost all of their add-ons have been removed; The fashi... Download

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