Spintires - Way Up or Goodbye Suspension Map

Spintires Mods

A difficult, but not too complicated card, is ideal for those who have a lot of free time. 1 sawmill, 1 road and 5 saws. A bit of mud, flooded areas, and a broken gravel road. Tested on Aktros Arshinsky, rushing everywhere. What to choose – decide for yourself.

On the map:
– 5 Slots for custom cars;
– 1 Lumbering;
– 5 Sawmills (all in one village);
– 5 intelligence points;
– 1 Gas station;
– 1 Difficult and dead road.

For the map we used objects taken from andreifilkov (I can’t name the authors of the objects, because I don’t know everyone), solo, potomuchtotak2019, pokemone, and a couple of my objects.

UPD: cars will drown)!


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