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You woke up in a tent from the loud lamentations of some grandfather. “So, remember … we decided to go out with the peasants in nature, drink it up as usual, sat down. My head is splitting. It’s a pity I didn’t have a hangover …”. Having got out, you saw the old man who came on horseback. Meanwhile, the grandfather continued:

– When it was broadcast on the radio that Navalny had been detained, all the inhabitants of our village rushed to the city for rallies! Some are for the prisoner, some are against. They threw everything as it was and left. Can you help, since the cars are good? I would bring wood to the factory, to the sawmill on the mountain … I would do it myself, but I’m usually drunk. Yes, and uncomfortable on my “shishiga”. We have good roads. However, gas station is not available: some rich man decided to build a house for himself and blocked the entrance. He dumped himself, but did not clear the road! You bastard! Maybe in the parking lot by the old garage, what kind of equipment will fit. Yes, and the bridges to the felling site have been torn down, but the soldier lives at the old Selkhoz, he can help with the crossing at first. We’ll have to, however, carry the forest along the old road …

Grandfather began to climb into your car, saying:
– Well, what are you standing there, falcon? Let’s go already! If you help me, I’ll get drunk! Heh! And in the morning I, therefore, drove the cows out to the meadow, I look – but mine is not there. The main thing is to find my cow! Lost, you see …

– 1 Garage (Closed);
– 1 Gas station;
– 1 Felling site;
– 3 Sawmills;
– 4 Trucks at the start, all yours.


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