Spintires - Static Objects The Great Patriotic War Pack No 1 V1.1

Spintires Mods

The archive contains the objects themselves and a map for viewing objects.
For the card to work, you must install ALL Static Objects in the game.

Chevrolet G7107 (whole and broken version)
Airplane Fi 156 (whole and broken version)
M3 “Scout Car” (whole and broken version)
Opel blitz
Opel olympia (whole and 2 broken versions)
GAZ 55 (whole and broken version)
GAZ 67 (whole and broken version)
GAS AA (whole and broken version)
GAZ M1 (whole and broken version)
House (Farm)
Tank IS 2 (whole and broken version)
Tank T 34 (whole and broken version)
Tank_Stug III (whole and broken version)
Tiger tanks (whole and broken version in 2 coloring pages)
Aircraft U 2 (whole and broken version)
Burnt house
Only 33 objects.

Objects Suitable for Spintires: MudRunner

I remind you that Victory Day is coming soon. Who has a desire to make a map on the theme of the Second World War, but you do not have enough objects, write! I’m starting work on fixing bugs of the second pack.

Version 1.1 for SpinTires (v03.03.16):
Added objects: a church and a burnt house.


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