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Guys, I made this map specially for the “Winter’s Tale” mod from Vlad & MIR. I liked the mod very much. I decided to experiment and share with you! Winter outside, you can ride on a snowball!

The map is very small (16×16) and simple, for half an hour of play. According to the plot, there was a storm, a blizzard, a snowfall … A small village was left without heat. All locals are in quarantine and you, the permanent Savior of everyone and everything, need to drag the forest to the boiler room. The road to the felling was covered with snow, it was cleaned only in the village, and you will have to go basically “by touch”. Focus on the depth of the snow. You will most likely feel like you are off the beaten track …

On the map:
– 1 Garage (Closed)
– 1 Gas station
– 2 Sawmills
– 1 Felling
– 2 Cars at the start: change to your taste.

The map requires the mod “Winter’s Tale” from Vlad & MIR (Thank you very much!). There will be no winter without the mod, so if you are too lazy to download the mod, you can not download the map either.

From myself I recommend (not necessarily):
1. For fans on 03.03.16, who do not have, install SpinTiresMod.exe (I have version 1.9.2 beta3, everything works. You can try newer or older versions). In the game settings (additional settings), you can increase the “dirt drawing distance”. This will make it more enjoyable to play in open spaces. And there are other bonuses too. Everything in the description for the mod.

2. If the snow is very “blind” – you can move the contrast settings in the game. If you subtract it, it’s a little easier to navigate in open places.


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