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Sinotruk, a state-owned automobile manufacturer based in Hong Kong, is the third largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer in the PRC.

Sinotruk manufactures trucks, semi-trailers, truck tractors, dump trucks, which are used in various industries, including construction, container shipping, mining.

In 2009, the German truck manufacturer MAN bought 25% + 1 shares of the Chinese company Sinotruk. The result of cooperation was the release of a new line of trucks with a MAN TGA cab – Sitrak.

The mod has the texture of the cockpit to whom.

Move the texture file from the folder they are signed by the colors you like to the TextureCache folder to replace.
The mod was tested on 03.03.16

SITRAK C7H540 6×4 Has:
– 33 standard addons + default;
– Your sounds and loads;


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