Spintires - Objects for The Map Editor V1.0.2

Spintires Mods

– 1 Pressure chamber
– 2 Satellite dish
– 3 Festive banner “February 23”

I thought here, on the Chinese New Year even KrAZ pink came here, well, I also decided to put a festive object in this material)) Good luck to everyone and happy holiday!

Twenty third of February
This is a day for a man –
Have a nice drink, have a bite
And the girls love everyone.

I wish you all guys
So that the gun stood
Do not shoot single
Bab all glorious entertain.

Both health and luck
To have everything in addition.
The women know –
Guys are the gold of the country!

Version 1.0.2 for SpinTires (v03.03.16 and higher):
Added 4 objects to the pack. As a result, the pack now has 10 objects plus a mini-test card with daany objects for viewing them in the game. 3d models are not mine, taken in the public domain on the Internet.


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