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Greetings. Map with all loads presented in DLS China.

You are a novice entrepreneur of a transport company, working on orders for various cargo transportation and this time you have to perform a number of services. To begin with, help Kuzmich find and deliver a cart with garage parts, in return you can use his garage, and as a result, open your own, if necessary.

In applications for today, you have several tasks, to separate the cargo by points: pipes from the Yaochuan steel plant to the construction of a water intake station, rice to the village market, long logs to the sawmill, short logs to granny in the village and for a four-meter bath.

Questions, complaints, suggestions? No, let’s get started!

DLS China is required!
The 1024×1024 card has both manual and auto-loading.

Carefully study where the logs need to be transported and for this select the module (addon) you need.

Installation: in the LevelNewGame archive there is an autoinstaller for the mod, in it, specify the Spin Tires 1.7.1 game directory and complete the installation,

after which the mod is fully operational in the game.

Removal: in the game directory, find the UninstalNewGame uninstaller and remove the mod from the game.

Version 1.03 for SpinTires (v03.03.16):
The version of the map is specially adapted for SpinTires 03.03.16. The installation is normal.
1024×1024 map.

On the map:
– 2 Garages (Closed);
– 2 Loading points;
– 1 Felling site;
– 6 Sawmills;


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