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I welcome everyone. Updated map without using SP +.

Lesprokhoz collapsed long ago, but the needs remained. You are going to become a real driver of a timber truck and distribute firewood to the needy villagers in the wilderness, fulfill an order in the suburbs and one entrepreneur who decided to restore an abandoned sawmill.

Also, take a look at the logging team working on the plot, they will give you a couple of necessary tips and show in practice the seriousness of working on the TT4 wheeled tractor.

Features of the game:
Save fuel, disable all-wheel drive if unnecessary. On the territory of the map, there are ZILs, which act as refuellers and belts, since the gas station does not work on the main part of the map. Not all ZILs can go. And there are tuned ones, if you are lucky, you will find them. The bridges were created with the aim of overcoming in one direction, signs and signs “No entry” (brick) warn about this.

At the loading point, it is necessary to throw logs down from the cliff, and then pick them up with a manipulator and load them into timber trucks, and fans of the arcade mode will have to overcome the long road to the felling site.

It’s a miracle of engineering from Soul Reaver to dispense with the SP + and ride the TT4 skidder.
Installation: copy the contents of the archive to the game folder.

The map has been changed from the SP + map.

On a 30×30 map:
– Garage: 2 (1 closed on the plot)
– Sawmills: 5
– Refueling: 1 on the plot
– Felling: 2
– Loading point: 1
– 3 Slots for cars


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