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Hello. A long time ago I started this card and patted something to me, it was a lot of nerves, but it also brought pleasure during creation. And today is the presentation, so to speak. The card “It was in Bukhalovo”, and the case in Bukhalovo was as follows:

The precinct Vasily, who went out one morning to the store for kefir, suddenly finds out that all the counters in the store are almost empty. It turns out that the driver (aka loader) Mityai disappeared somewhere with the car without a trace, and yet his truck was the only one who delivered products to all the shops in the district. Vasily first of all naturally went to the motor depot to find out what was happening and what was happening, but as there was not a single driver at the motor depot, even the most responsible drivers (labor drums) Ivanovich and Petrovich also disappeared somewhere.

There was not even a sucker, only his personal car remained. Vasily, sitting behind the steering wheel of Zavgarov’s GAZIK, went in search of missing cars and drivers, because in addition to the lack of goods in the stores, the pioneer camp located in the region (where the next rally of pioneers was taking place) was starving too, and this our peace guard Vasily could not allow . Vasily revealed the reason for the disappearance of the drivers almost as soon as he found Mityaya with the car and realized that in the near future there would be no sense in the drivers. The trouble … the district police officer had to sit down at the wheel of a Mityaya truck, as well as re-equip Ivanovich and Petrovich trucks (which were not suitable for transporting food) and take up the delivery of food to shops and the pioneer camp.

On the map:
– 1 vehicle depot;
– 2 gas stations;
– 4 shops;
– 1 food base;
– 10 points of intelligence;
– 8 vehicles;
– The card size is maximum.

Ivanovich’s and Petrovich’s trucks can be driven into a garage and converted for transportation of goods (to carry goods only in these add-ons, see screen 2), for which thanks to Soul Reaver, since it was unlikely that the district police officer could convert the cars. Thank you mishgan18 for the idea that has been thrown, although it’s not exactly what was originally planned, but I still took something from the idea onto the map. At the start of the car, please do not change, since the car is in the garage and not everyone will be there instead, and another car will just break the idea and personality of the card. And yet, the game, unfortunately, is designed only for the arcade, since it is useless to manipulate canned goods and other products.


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