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Nerves of steel and sober attention. These two things will come in handy here. You also need good brakes to save you from a “fun” descent. Somewhere a faithful friend of a winch will come to your aid, in other matters it all depends on the configuration of your steel horse.
Dirt, dangerous swamp, roads with cliffs along them, long rocky climbs and all this joy is especially for you.
As always, I wish you luck and patience!

The map was drawn on version 03.03.16, but it is also suitable for 1.6.1.

Map: Extreme roads
Size: 32 x 32

On the map:
– Garage: 1 (closed)
– Sawmills: 4
– Refueling: 2
– Scouting points: 7
– felling: 1
– Loading point: 2

5 slots for cars

Transport on the map: 5


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