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Hello comrades. This is my first map, so if you play it, please leave a rating comment. This will help me a lot.

The map represents a city by the sea. Plot: you live in a city rebuilt from the big world, so logs and fuel are brought to you on ships, your task is to transport the cargo from the receiving point to the sawmill, so that the logs are cut there and people have something to heat at home (Why are logs in panels? I don’t know, but let’s say they are heated by a boiler room).

In general, the map was made for racing, so there is little dirt there. There are a couple of moments, but they are passable even on incomplete ones. In principle, they drove with friends on chisels – it’s normal.

And I also have an overpass on the map and a boat is parked in the garage.

Size: 9×9 (288×288 m).

On the map:
– 1 Loading point;
– 1 Felling site;
– 1 Gas station;
– 1 Garage (open);
– 1 Sawmill;
– 2 Points of intelligence;
– 5 Cars (2 closed).

Credits:Gleb Electronic Systems

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