Spintires - Adventure of A Chinese in Russia Map V1.0

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This time you will find yourself in the driver’s seat from the Middle Kingdom, abandoned in Russia by the will of fate. You are carrying mirrors and beads, and in return you want to take away timber. And who just pulled you for a drink in the evening in the parking lot with a Russian chauffeur?

Ahead there is a traffic police post, and you smell like a fire-breathing Dragon, and the fuel is running out, and the nearest gas station seems to be somewhere in the village. So you go there.

You have to find out that in Russia, not everything is decided by the yuan, and the price is still a strong hand and mutual assistance.

And may Russian ingenuity and luck, as well as Chinese diligence and accuracy, help you along the way!

The map is made for ARCADE mode only! Created for 03.03.16. Not tested on subsequent versions.

The idea for this map belongs to mishgan18.
Protect equipment and fuel. If you have any difficulties, take a close look at the screenshots.

The map uses the mods Sergo, Sergey Denisov (muzden (rus)), Forester (27rus).
Huge thanks to k-700 and Soul Reaver for helping us create the map.

On the map:
– 2 Felling sites;
– 2 Sawmills;
– 1 Garage (Closed);
– 1 Starting car (replacement does not affect the passage).


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