SnowRunner - Voron D-53233 JBE V0.5

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The stock Voron D-53233 doesn’t have a lot of options but this one does. Nothing should be locked, but let me know. Like my other tweaked vehicles, I will be adjusting this truck if needed.

Should work with Subscribe only.

Tweak List:
– JBE transmission added to gearbox options

– Adjusted engine specs (Replaced Old Heavy engine with Modern Truck engine)

– Replaced Voron D5 sounds with Azov 4220 sounds. Does have the Cat680 horn.

– Increased fuel capacity (Increased fuel capacity on the roof racks and utility mount also)

– Added a few more paint colors

– Added more wheel/tire options (I did adjust some tires to handle better, JBE wheels)

– Added Quasimiyao wheel/tire option

– Adjusted default suspensions + added JBE suspensions setup. Also added Active suspension

– Added exhaust options (This was difficult because this truck doesn’t have exhaust options. You will see the muffler after you install an exhaust)

– More Bumper options

– More Miscellaneous items (In cab spare tire, Roof racks, Window protectors) that the stock Voron D5 doesn’t have.

– Both US and RU big cranes

– Both US and RU mini cranes

– Only the RU is rear mounted on this truck. If you want a truck with the US/RU mounted on the rear, check out my GMC MH9500 JB Edition

– Added an Autonomous Winch with stronger and longer line

– HID headlights. Also changed other light colors and bumper light colors. Stock/Default bumper now has amber lights

– Handbrake is connected to front and rear

– The Utility mount was flipped to fit better on the frame. So when you equip it, it may fly around the truck but only in the garage.


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