SnowRunner - Azov 64131 Tuning Truck V2.1

SnowRunner Mods

This Azov 64131 has any options of higher suspension, 50″ and bigger Tires, 6 – 8 Speed Offroad and Racing Gearbox, more Bumpers, Exhaust, Snorkels, Roofrack and other

This mod has many options, but it should still be realistic.

No manual install –> This kills the orginal game and our mods. The mods are linked with the initial.pak.

1. For Subscription, you must have an Account and it must linked with Snowunner (wrong E-Mail is not possible)

If the E-Mail is incorrect, simply delete the .modio in /Documents/MyGames/SnowRunner/base/Mods/ -> And you can start again with right E-Mail

2. You have to download Subscription right above and not the .zip

3. Never touch the [Your drive]:\[Game folder]\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client\initial.pak , that can destroy your mod option!!! That can also happen with other mods!!!

(You can correct this by checking game files( over client) and deleting the /.modio folder.)

4. Start Game, activate Azov 64131 Tuning under Mods and then have fun

05/25/20 Updated to 2.1 Service Body has a Fuel tank
05/20/20 Updated to 2.0 higher Cabin weight, overworked Suspension, more Winches and Winch points, new Engine
05/20/20 Updated to 1.9.5 Perfect Optimized Suspension ( 2 hours tested )
05/20/20 Updated to 1.9.4 Optimized Suspension ( fail )
05/20/20 Updated to 1.9.3 Added RU ans US Minicrane rear
05/18/20 Updated to 1.9.2 Added US Minicrane and steering angle increased
05/16/20 Updated to 1.9.1 more smoke for big exhaust
05/15/20 Updated to 1.9 Added more Tires and Exhaust
05/14/20 Updated to 1.8 Added more more more
05/13/20 Updated to 1.7 Added more Bumpers, Snorkels, Exhaust and other options
05/12/20 Updated to 1.6 Added Spotlights and Roofrack
05/11/20 Updated to 1.5 Added Soft and Hard Suspension


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