Snowrunner Maps Mods

Snowrunner Map Mods

SnowRunner - Vitim Bridge V15.0 SnowRunner Mods

SnowRunner - Vitim Bridge V15.0

The map is dedicated to one of the scariest road bridges in the world. It is located in Transbaikalia. The bridge has not been commissioned, although it has been standing for more than 30 years. Everyone uses it at their own peril and risk. There are several related stories in the plot of... Download

SnowRunner - BootLeg Hallows V5.0 SnowRunner Mods

SnowRunner - BootLeg Hallows V5.0

Welcome to Bootleg Hallows! This a remote location just south of Dubzville. You begin your adventure at a Dubz OffRoad shop with a few different truck options. Beware though, Bootleg county is known for its harsh roads and landscape. A mountainous place with few swamps in the valleys. Lately ther... Download

SnowRunner - RC Backyard Racetrack V1.0 SnowRunner Mods

SnowRunner - RC Backyard Racetrack V1.0

**Mod working on Standard version of the game**If you guy find weird hitbox due to ”oversize objects”, plz contact me so I can figure out a solution! Welcome home! This superb racetrack built from scratch in the backyard of the family house will bring back the child in you! Have fun... Download

SnowRunner - Auburn Lake Trails Map V1.0 SnowRunner Mods

SnowRunner - Auburn Lake Trails Map V1.0

The name, Auburn Lake Trails, is from a real place in California, and the terrain is too but the map design is straight from my head. The Jeep Yj I had built and will never be pubilc. Download

SnowRunner - Fortune Island Map V0.1.0 SnowRunner Mods

SnowRunner - Fortune Island Map V0.1.0

My first map (obviously), meant to resemble a set of islands slightly off the coast.It is highly unfinished, and lots of things are missing. There are no tasks, contracts, or vehicles/upgrades. Just a (semi) finished town, a pier, swamps, a stream, water crossings, a unfinished airp... Download

SnowRunner - Skull Falls Map V4.0 SnowRunner Mods

SnowRunner - Skull Falls Map V4.0

I’ve bought property with several abandoned mines and caves. Help explore the vast wilderness or get me the supplies spread across the property. “Roads were made for the journey, not for the destination.” Those that cannot crawl do not deserve to play this.TRAILS and TRAILS.... Download

SnowRunner - The Island Map V1.0 SnowRunner Mods

SnowRunner - The Island Map V1.0

Help the company out clearing the island to make way for a unknown future building project. Small map, sequential contracts, a contest and a couple of tasks. There are rocky areas, a swamp, a river to cross. Both muddy and dry terrain. Basically a bit of everything. ** Thi... Download

SnowRunner - Qifeng Mountain V1.0 SnowRunner Mods

SnowRunner - Qifeng Mountain V1.0

This is my first time to make and upload maps in SnowRunner. Although I have made maps in MudRunner before, SnowRunner has changed a lot. It’s very different from before. Please leave a message below if there is anything bad. Have a good time! Download

SnowRunner - Wyre Floods Wip V0.82 SnowRunner Mods

SnowRunner - Wyre Floods Wip V0.82

Welcome to Wyre Floods UK …. Theme Park of Trails.. Updated Daily Check The Logs For Update Notes… NO Dev tools or discussion on other mods in the comments… Thankyou Hello .. this is my first map for snowrunners i have put in around 295+hours so far its a follow on to wyre woods i did for... Download

SnowRunner - Badlands 2 Remake – A PiX3LMonkey Map V1.1 SnowRunner Mods

SnowRunner - Badlands 2 Remake – A PiX3LMonkey Map V1.1

Streamer Edition Notes: I’ve removed the watch towers and moved the garage and trailer store so that you start at the top of the race track. This should make it easier for people who want to do role play and tow their trail rigs around. The “Classic” version is still available fo... Download

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