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Ural-63095 “Typhoon-U” is a Russian multifunctional, modular armored vehicle of the Typhoon family. The chassis of the car is bonnet, frame, four-wheel drive, three-axle. Produced at the Ural Automobile Plant, the index “U” means “Ural”.
It can be used as a reconnaissance, command and staff vehicle, an electronic warfare / RTR vehicle or communications, an ambulance, or for engineering, radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance, for carrying out cargo transportation.

Ural-63095 Typhoon-U. This is my first mod. The project was made by me completely from scratch. I worked on it in my spare time, so the development took about 2 months. I hope you will like it)

At the moment, the truck has:
Independent suspension
Unique repair module
Roof customization (radio module, lamp)
Active and off-road suspensions
Some standard modules
Most standard trailers

This vehicle is not designed to carry large loads. This is a fairly powerful and passable truck that serves as a support. The independent suspension has good flotation when it is soft and loose enough. In this condition, it does not allow transporting large loads. So I removed the option to fit a high saddle. And in order not to limit functionality at all, he added Active in the form of a standard suspension. When activated, it makes it possible to transport goods more comfortably. There is also an off-road suspension with increased softness and, accordingly, cross-country ability.

I don’t like the way the standard modules look with this truck, so I plan to make unique ones. The first will be a side body for the transport of goods. Also, I’ll add paint options soon.


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