SnowRunner - The CK9160 Rino V1.0.2

SnowRunner Mods

A top tier Off Road Heavy Tractor. If you got to go, go BIG. It does NOT have gigantic tires and I will not add them (so don’t ask please). This is the Kolob with tweaked everything so don’t get confused by the title. It’s just my way of being different.

Notice – I do have the logging gear addons set up for this truck (No Logging Crane as there is limited room). They are part of Phase 3 but I do not use the PTS other than for accessing the newer stuff. I have done limited testing with the mod on both the normal game server and the public test server. So far, the only issue is with the Bobble Heads. I had to disable them to avoid errors. If there are any issues with the Phase 3 stuff, please leave me a note. Thank you

– 500 L fuel

– Faster steering

– Custom Active Suspension

– Enhanced engines. The base RU engines are upgraded to more power. Add two US engines with a lot more power than is needed.

– Custom Gearbox. (3 low, 6 forward – 1 high). The truck, with the good engines is rather fast but not uncontrollable. Also has very good low gears for hauling.

– Saddle High and Saddle Low options

– Lots of Addons. Other than the few that just did not fit, it has almost all of them. Some addons are available but are not necessarily useful. I included the Log Bunker and the new Long Log Carrier from PTS. No Logging Crane as there is just so much room. If somebody just has to have it, I can add it. Just leave a note.

– The Maintenance Addon has ridiculous stats – “2000 L fuel, 2000 repair pts., 16 tires” It also retains the ability to tow trailers so it’s a great choice for any “away missions”. Other maintenance addons are also bumped up but not to this extent.

– Several tire options with several flavors of Special Parameter tires. The “Excessive” tires are identified with the “SP Ultimate” name. Not all tires are maxed out so there is a difference between sets. Still, the Ultimate tires will get you through almost any terrain, some a little better than others. I kept the list small as there just does not seem to be a need when you have the OP sets available.

– A couple of Roof Racks for those small emergencies


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