SnowRunner - Paystar 5070 JBE Truck V0.5

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The good old International Paystar 5070. The default Paystar isn’t terrible, but I wanted to add a little spice to it. Nothing crazy done to it.

Tweak List:
– Left default transmissions alone but added JBE transmission
– Added 2 backup lights to 1 of the cabin protectors
– This can tow/pull all trailers, including scout trailers
– Added 2 additional engines to the list
– Increased fuel capacity to 100 gallons (increased fuel capacity on the roof rack also)
– Added a few more paint colors (Now has purple schemes)
– Added more wheel/tire options
– Added Quasimiyao wheel/tire option
– Frame Addons except small frame addons (no 1 slot sideboards, etc.)
– Added weighted bumper
– US Minicrane
– US and RU Big cranes
– Adjusted both default suspensions and added JBE Flex (not crazy flex
– Added an Autonomous Winch. (Longer and Stronger)
– More rim options for select wheels
– Added 2 additional winch point near the back of the truck
– HID headlights.
– Added LEDS to the steps
– Blue LEDs in the driver vent and passenger vent (getting better with LED work)
– Corrected light colors
– Handbrake is connected to front and rear
– More Snorkel and Exhaust options


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