SnowRunner - Enhanced Cat 745C Wendigo M181 V1.0

SnowRunner Mods

A creature of terrifying ferocity. Muscle over a skeleton, and nothing more. The Wendigo is a creature to be feared. And this CAT 745C is built in that respect. Overhauled add-ons, upgraded drivetrain, and increased water fording ability make this a beast of unstoppable proportions. Round out your M181 Enhanced fleet with this monster.

I’ve added a new top-tier engine to the CAT, as well a bunch of other options to make your 745C look different that the others, and more capable as well.

Changes over the stock CAT 745C include:
Revised drivetrain pattern (now switches between R-4WD and A-6WD)
Handbrake on all axles
Improved steering responsiveness
Locked diffs
Realistic fuel capacity
New Auto Winch HD
Truck spawns on custom Superheavy Tayga tires
Increased articulation
Widened wheel track
Increased tire selection including custom wheels by Quasimiyao
Added WWS TS backup beeper & Tatarin turbo whistle
Added CrawlerBox Special HD transmission
Added lore-friendly top-tier engine
Raised and Active suspension options
No region/exploration/level lock
Added winch points
New frame add-ons including cranes
New visual and performance customization options
Added ability to tow medium trailers
Strengthened hinge motor
Brighter “HID style” stock lights
Corrected marker light colours
Cleaned up code


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