SnowRunner - C.C.M. Holzgas V1.5

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C.C.M. is proud to present the C.C.M. Holzgas. when the Holzgas was brought to the C.C.M. shop it was a barely functioning relic, when it left it was a fully functioning restoration

starting point for the model came from cgtrader.
many thanks to the people that have helped along the way
things still to come?

1. addons for repair points
2. idk?

anyways thanks for checking it out, hope y’all like it. questions comments criticisms, feel free to leave them here or find me in my spot over in the extended family section of the ix discord

will this come to console? idk i would think so? the paks are there no branding on model or in description sooooo maybe?

as with all my mods do not under any circumstances take and re-upload any build of mine as your own all the models ive used are publicly available, just go get them yourself and learn to mod if you want to make mods. if you want to use any asset ive created personally i.e. rollcages rollbars tires … just ask worse i can say is no


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