Omsi 2 – Ilinskoe Map

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Fictional map – Ilyinsky
Map includes the center of the old provincial town and the suburban area.
There are three routes on the map; 6, 14, 110. The

mod is perfect for weak PCs.


1: Tserkov Preobrajenya – Lesopark
2: Lesopark – Tserkov Preobrajenya
Travel time in each direction – 13 minutes.

1: Autovokzal bus 14 – Ilyinskoe
2: Ilyinskoe – Autovokzal bus 14
Travel time in each direction – 18 minutes.

1: Autovokzal bus 110 – Myjskoy monastyir
2: Myjskoy monastyir – Autovokzal bus 110
Travel time in each direction – 20 minutes.

Copy the contents of the archive into the game folder, agreeing to a replacement. Throw the HOF file into folders with the necessary buses. The very first launch of the card should be done “without a bus”

Credits: liaz677 

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