Transport Fever 2 - Water All Around: Tropical Generator

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Tropical island generator that does not have land at the edges of the map and has few other options to improve the land.

Have you ever found yourself in the editor, removing cropped land all around these beautiful islands? Regardless, this map generator can do it for you automatically.

How to use:

– Subscribe
– Select "Free Game"
– Pick "Tropical"
– In "Select Generator" dropdown, pick "Water all around"
– This mod does not need to be enabled, because it only generates a map

How to use in map editor:

– Enable this mod when starting the map editor

There is also an option to reduce water in the middle of the mainland. This is useful when generating a very large single-island map. By default, the generator is quite dumb and there is the same probability of the land no mater how deep into the mainland. "Less mainland water" slider will increase the probability of the land at the center.

The "Mountains" slider has an option to introduce mountains built with "Mesas" generator from the "Dry" climate maps. This was added to make mountain ranges more varied. Note that this might increase the amount of unplayable terrain considerably.

The last one, "Hills", has two additional options:
– "Raise inland terrain" raises the land at the center of islands. I did this because it felt very wrong to have the same land level all across a huge island.
– "Raise inland terrain, create hills" will also add a few hill ranges.

Otherwise this generator works exactly like the default "Tropical" when the sliders are in the same positions, "Less mainland water" is set to zero, and "Mountains" and "Hills" are at "Default".


– The sliders are more fine-grained now


– Added "Less mainland water" slider, it will help to reduce the water in the mainland when creating single-island maps


– Added "Mountains" selection, it brings in mesas from the dry map to improve the looks of mountains
– Added "Hills" selection, it can raise the inland terrain and add some hills
– Fixed: with the max hilliness setting, the number of mountains is reduced. This bug also exists in the default "Tropical" generator


– Fix typo


– Renamed "offshore" to "inland"


– Added "Water around" slider to adjust the amount of water.. all around


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