Transport Fever 2 - Expanded Cargo Demands (4 Per City)

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TLDR: This mod adds 2 additional demands to cities (total of 4), from the start. When using industry mods, I found this just enough to add more variety without it becoming too much to handle.

Alternative Versions:

> Static Version – 4 items per city. (My favorite)
> Static Version – 6 items per city.
> Dynamic Version – 1850: 2 items, 1920: 4 items, 1990: 6 items.
> Progressive Version – 1850: 2 food/construction, 1920: + tools/fuel, 1990: + goods/machines.


Compatible with Industry Diversity by Magnetic Reaper
– Adds new resource chains and city demands
Compatible with Industry Expanded by Col0Korn
– Adds new resource chains

Third-party compatible mods that include residential demands, will increase the number of items demanded by the cities, additional industrial/commercial goods will stick within the set limit of 4 max per city

Industry mods that use only the base products for city supply are compatible by default, however mods adding products can be made compatible by the mod author – see info at the bottom of the description for more details.

This mod is not compatible with other mods that make changes to townbuildingutil.lua

An additional 2 demands will begin to form in your cities

Building capacity and the primary item will determine the new demand(s)

* Level 1 buildings have a

75% chance of default item, 25% of a secondary item

* Level 2 buildings have a

50% chance of default item, 50% of a secondary item

* Level 3 buildings have a

33% chance of a default, 33% chance of 2 items and 33% chance of 1 secondary item.

* Level 4 buildings accept 2 items, based on the primary demand (x or y)

This allows a maximum of 4 items in total being demanded by the city.

Known issue

Currently, The zoomed out overview (City name/icons) does not show the additional demands, but clicking the city does and they are accepted (See screenshot). I believe this is hardcoded in the engine.

Save game safe?

This mod is save-game safe and can added/removed at any time.
If removed, just bear in mind that additional demands will remain in your cities until the buildings change/upgrade or are replaced. If added to an existing game, cities will need to develop to begin demanding new items.

Load order needs to have expanded cargo above any industry mod
1 – Expanded Cargo
2 – Industry Mod

This will over-ride the defaults with the options specified in your mod, however only one additional product mod will work at any one time, although can obviously contain multiple new products


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