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LADA 2104 (VAZ-2104 “Lada”) – Soviet and Russian rear-wheel drive car of the III group of a small class with a station wagon body. Designed at the Volga Automobile Plant. It was produced from 1984 to 2012.

The mod differs from the original in the presence of permanent all-wheel drive and differential lock. This is not a serial car, but the development of craftsmen using original spare parts from Niva and Chevy_Niva. Several of these exist in real life.

The mod has 3 of its add-ons and 3 default trailers.
A lot of animations, a well-developed interior suspension and engine compartment.
Partially the model is taken from the Internet.
Textures are all their own.
Sound defaulted from F150.
Patency is average.

Those wishing to modify the mod – a big request to do this with the permission of the author.


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