SpinTires:Mudrunner - Uaz-469-3151-3152 v18/05/21

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The mod Uaz for the anniversary 222 is a mod uaz_bej (05vadim), only repainted cars and modified TTX.
Changed 1 Power Dv (was redundant) and 2 Machines have become resistant to coup.
3 Changed gear ratio CAT 4. Improved maneuverability, but not cheat.
TWO of the Three UAS completely replace the default Oise (469 and blue)!

Spintires version 18/05/21: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21):
Since it came out new. Vers. games in the mode are registered trailers (if you have an old version, then the trailers will also be).
At 469, standard wheels were set (those that were too glamorous for 469), texture 469 was slightly improved.
Headlights are connected to Kingur (at 469), a powerful engine has been added to everyone (as the trailer now carries) the trailer can be loaded (it was not loaded by default). One log. 2 points (you can load two logs, as there are two short logs on a goat).
Loaded even without a loader, straight from the goat. There are still changes, to write everything for a long time.


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