SnowRunner - TruckLife Improvements V0.1.2

SnowRunner Mods

My first steps into Snowrunner-Modding. I did some mods for other games in the past (Arma2 and some other i forgot) and this is now the Snowrunner – startup.
This mod is set to private and will be opened if i am satisfied with the improvements.

Truck-Upgrades (as i need em) / with current limitations
New Vehicles (Trucks / Trailer / Cargo) if i figure that out in my spare time

FR = FreightRush Inc. Ltd. Co. AG

Azov 5319 FR (improved for own use in russia)
ZiKZ FR (no semi trailers, better fitting Addons / tires, scout trailers) “Loadstar alternative”
Voron Grad FR (small bed/US crane unlocks trailer)


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