SnowRunner - Skull Falls Map V4.0

SnowRunner Mods

I’ve bought property with several abandoned mines and caves. Help explore the vast wilderness or get me the supplies spread across the property.

“Roads were made for the journey, not for the destination.”

Those that cannot crawl do not deserve to play this.
TRAILS and TRAILS. Explore, everything leads somewhere. Suggest using a Crawler for the trails.
Play pit for when your waiting on people to join.
Several trucking missions.

– Maybe a bridge across the rocks to bypass some roads? Better explore before you start the missions.
Miles of caves
– First person driving only, any vehicle bigger than big bob probably wont make it keep it small and capable.
Abandoned mine
– Mission using Crane in a cave, First person and third all vehicles.
– Skull Mountain
– Rock Man
– Bigfoot’s Hideout


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