SnowRunner - Poghrims Inclinometers V1.1.1

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What does this mod do?
This mod adds a fully functional inclinometer, a device used to show the angle at which the vehicle is currently is.
It may not be the most useful addition to the game, but it can add a fair bit of immersion, while trailing through rough terrain.

To add this to your vehicle, the name for the AddonSocket is Name=”PogInclinometer” with the offset being 0.08 higher than your dashboard.

If you do add these items to your mods/tweaks, please send me a message with the name of the mod and your desired display name so I can fill out the column.

Note: you can also tell me if your upcoming mod is going to support this feature, and I can leave the Status field as “Not Ready” and change it as soon as you release your mod!

Works with vanilla vehicles, but may be they can clip outside of the truck. It takes the place of the bubblehead addons.


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