SnowRunner - NoFog Crisp and Sharp Reshade SweetFX V1.0

SnowRunner Mods

1. Download Reshade zip or rar file.
2. Unpack and click Reshade Setup.
3. When installing you have to choose the path where is your game installed and game file snowrunner.exe . Should be located in Snowrunner/en_us/sources/bin/snowrunner.exe
4. Click on Direct 3D 10/11/12.
5. Then you have to select effect packages to install. Install all except the last bottom one which says: (“Legacy standards effects… all shaders downloaded by previous Reshade versions.”)
6. Copy or move the ini file “SnowRunnerNoFogSharpCrispRealism02.ini” [it is the settings file] from the previously downloaded rar file into game directory, same where is snowrunner.exe
7. When starting the game you should see information about Reshade loading.
8. When already in game menu or in game press Home button on keyboard to access the Reshade panel. Just under the tabs you have a dropdown bar where you should click and select SnowRunnerNoFogSharpCrispRealism02 unless it is already selected.
Below that you have the list of all effects selected and used.
You can scroll down and select or deselect specific effects to your liking or modify them if you want.
9. Under the Settings tab, you can select keyboard shortcut for “Effect Toggle Key”. I did set it to Page Up. Then easily during the game, by pressing one button I can switch off or on all the Reshade effects and see how original game graphics looking and compare, take screenshots.

List of effects used:
UIMaskTop, UiMaskBottom, Deband, LUT, SCurve, LumaSharpen, Curves, EyeAdaptation, Technicolor, HDR, Vibrance, DirectionalDepthBlur, prod80_03_ShadowsMidtonesHighlights, PirateVibrance, DELC Sharpen.
If for example you do not like too grainy image you can uncheck DELC Sharpen or modify lower the value Sharpen Strength of that effect.

PS: Sorry for low resolution of screenshots but I am playing on a small 20 inches monitor and 1600×1000 is my highest resolution. But with that effects game looks much better to me.
Thank You.


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