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I Just tweaked a bit some textures adding camouflage pattern and some rust effects, added a layer over the original file without removing original scratches and paint details but replacing sotck color with camo texture.

By now Camo patterns are only available for:
-Voron grad as default paint (you can change it to stock colors by selecting another paint color in workshop)
-Sideboard frame addon
-Kung addon
-Maintainer/service addon

1) Go to \SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client
2) Backup Shared_textures.pak in case it doesnt work properly (it’s a big file so better backup it)
3) Open shared_textures.pak with Winrar or 7Zip and navigate folders to—-> [Textures] —-> pct
4) click add or drag and drop all the downladed files to pct folder and make sure winrar is in add and replace mode
5) Winrar may take a few minutes like it is freezed (dont worry, just wait) after that it will start to pack and replace the new textures
6) Run game and enjoy army paint jobs

Open your backup shared_textures.pak, extract the following files and replace it in you shared_textures.pak file:



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