SnowRunner - F750 – Fixed Missing Engine V1.1

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IMPORTANT: This mod does NOT add the truck!!! It only brings back its missing engine!!!

ONLY WORKS ON THE PTS (PUBLIC TEST SERVER) (because the F750 is only available for the PTS)

So, I’ve been testing the recently new added F750 on the PTS and it kinda seemed to be extremely slow and bad at offroading, so I decided to tweak its performance BUT discovered that the developers actually added a more powerful engine for this truck, however every single line in the .xml file of this engine was commented out for some reason. So I removed the comments and the engine is now available.

1. Go to SnowRunnerPublicTest\en_us\preload\paks\client\Initial.pak\[media]\_dlc\dlc_1_1\classes\engines\
2. Replace e_us_scout_old_f750.xml with my .xml file

I tried to make SUBSCRIBE work, but it didn’t for some reason (any suggestions?)

NOTE: New engine name – “Het/10V 6,6”


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