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Well, I didn’t intend on touching the H2, but I had more than just a couple requests, so I figured I would give it a try. I like to have each truck be designed with some sort of purpose in mind, and I couldn’t quite find a reason for me to work on the H2. After the YAR “Scarab” worked so well with the Maintainer add-on, I figured I would do something similar to bring repair bits to stuck larger trucks. A way to round out a fleet nicely. Turns out, the Loadstar Service Cab makes the the Hummer into a pretty rad little Response Unit. Of course this mod comes with all the improvements you have come to expect from an M181 “Enhanced Series” mod. I did dip a little into the MemeSpec Racing Truck Pack a little for the engine set, as the Service Cab adds a lot of weight to the poor Hummer, so it has the realistic naming scheme, and the more powerful top-tier engines. The LT5 is a bit overkill but it’s there for those that want it. It also has Quasi’s Mud Tires in Monster and Single.

Changes over the stock Hummer H2 include:
Handbrake on all axles
Improved steering angle and responsiveness
Locked diffs
Realistic fuel capacity
Auto Winch + added
Widened wheel track
Increased tire selection including custom wheels by Quasimiyao
Tweaked physics
New Heavy Duty, Ultimate, and Active suspension options added
Realistic engine names and power outputs
CrawlerBox transmission added
Modified sound set with a backup beeper
Corrected marker light colours on truck and many add-ons
Added functional third brake light
No region/exploration lock
Custom UI descriptions
Added visual and performance customization options
More frame add-ons to choose from
Added ability to tow medium trailers
New paint schemes
Cleaned up code

If you have any comments or concerns, please let me know. And if it’s something that needs to be adjusted, I will group things together and release a patch. Drop a thumb and a review if you’d like. Your feedback steers both the “Enhanced” & “MemeSpec” series trucks. I have a pretty good queue of trucks lined up that I’ve wanted to tackle, and a few refreshes of old trucks, so stay tuned. I’m not able to take any more requests at this time.

Version history:
Sep 30 2020 – 1.0.0
– Initial release (See front page for changes over stock Hummer H2)


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