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C.C.M. is proud to present “Fred’s Buggy”. all in all its just a toy with no real purpose other than to beat the ever lovin’ s**t out of it. its not really tuned to be anything special. its kind of hard to drive. but it goes fast and it kind of flexes depending on what suspension you’re using.

everything you see was scratch built by me except for the following, the rims (green one is from the m715 if im breaking rules with that btw please let me know, and the black ones face is from mspaint) the “freshbuckshot” tires are a modified version of offroadtire-301 by pablo perez 2009, and the skidplate(it also came from the m715 model, i was only going to use it as a template and pretty much forgot all about it and ended up using it)

known issues

1. no hooked front driveshaft(once again idk why, i havent been able to hook this axle since i made it for the jeep,i obviously effed something up but cant find what)

2. not really tuned well( kind of intentional, i want it to feel like a homebuilt semi-s**t-box)

things still to come? probably only a couple more tire options.

as with all my mods do not under any circumstances take and re-upload anything ive created without my permission, i.e. tires, rollbars, etc.. if you would like use something ive created shoot me a message(its as easy as asking for most people, and usually just credit is enough to use one of my ugly models)


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