SnowRunner - C.C.M. 38 Airflow Tanker Truck V2.0.3

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C.C.M. is proud to present the 38 Airflow Tanker . way back in 38 cars were transforming from wagons with motors into beautiful works of art, this gem is no different and was one of the first heavy trucks to wear sheetmetal with long curved lines and an art deco style. this tanker has been resto-modded onto a newer frame with all the luxuries of a new truck. the tank on back is still functional as are all the compartments for tools and mobile repair the airflow is the ultimate mobile garage. you can also remove the tank and equip saddles to move semi trailers. or run a number of different beds if thats what you want to do, it can pretty much do it all, the long wheelbase is both sometimes a blessing and a curse. guess its up to you to decide which one that is.

anyways, thanks for checking it out. hope its worth the time

body is from hum3d, frame and axles and everything else pretty much is from the template voron.

huge thank you to everybody thats helped me along the way you all know who you are and the list constantly gets bigger, you’re all awesome and thank you

is this coming to console? idk? it should as theres no branding. but not up to me remember i may have to tweak the body or something but only time will tell.

things still to come.
1. Working mirrors,
2. More color customization options with a second skin
3. Bumper options(once i figure out which ones look good and which ones dont)
4. A set of custom offroad tires.

as with all my mods. do not under any circumstances use things ive created as your own. dont reupload tweaked versions of things ive put together, all the models ive used are easily publicly available just go get your own if you want to make one. (if you are interested in using anything ive made just get at me and ask its usually that simple if its one of the tires or a rollcage or something).


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