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It is here! The Injuries Overhaul. I worked really hard on it so I hope you like it! This mod adds the possibility of sustaining an injury during combat or generally when you take damage to a certain limb. Almost everything is tweakable in the ini file, so be sure to play with the settings before playing!

Arthur (or John) can be injured. There are 4 injury types: hand injuries, head injuries, leg injuries and wounds. The injuries are sustained when the corresponding limb gets damaged. Every injury has 4 levels, these are represented with the color of the icon: level 1 (white icon), level 2 (yellow icon), level 3 (orange icon), level 4 (red icon). Each injury changes the way you walk and stand. For example you will limp if you have a leg injury.

Hand injuries
Hand injuries restrict the ability to hold and aim with weapons. These progress while aiming and holding weapons
-level 1 – you lose health when holding two handed weapons
-level 2 – you lose health when holding one handed weapons
-level 3 – you cannot wield two handed weapons
-level 4 – you cannot wield one handed weapons

Leg injuries
Leg injuries restrict the ability to run. These are negated by being on horseback they progress by sprinting
you limp while walking
-level 1 – you lose health when sprinting
-level 2 – you lose health when running
-level 3 – you lose health when walking
-level 4 – you lose health when standing

Head injuries
Head injuries restrict the ability to use deadeye. They progress by using deadeye
-level 1 – deadeye sometimes turns off itself
-level 2 – deadeye often turns off itself
-level 3 – deadeye very often turns off itself
-level 4 – you can’t enter deadeye

Wounds passively deplete your health for a short period of time. They are stackable and are sustained when hit in the chest.
These can be quickly cured with unopened health cures.

Injuries heal very slowly overtime. The rate can be sped up by drinking an unopened health cure. Bathing and sleeping also drastically increase the injury regeneration speed. There is also a possibility to visit the doctor and get rid of all the injuries but at a heavy price.

Advanced stuff
Advanced stuff (this section is usefull if you are planning to tweak with the .ini file):
Injuries are calculated by points. This doesn’t apply to wounds.
0 – no injury; 1-19999 – injury level 1; 20000-29999 – injury level 2; 30000-39999 – injury level 3; 40000< - injury level 4. If you sustain an injury you get 12000 points (INJURY_ADDED_SCORE). The base drop rate is 3 points per second (INJURIES_RESTORE_RATE), which can be massively boosted by sleeping and stuff. INJURY_DEDUCTED_SCORE is the amount of points you gain per second if you do one of the activites that the injury restricts (like running in case of leg injuries). 

Extract the archive and put injuries.asi, injuries.ini, injuries.dat and scripthook rdr2 into the game folder.


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