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Standard Controls:
F6 - pause (Airbreak);
"F7" to toggle the menu.
Num8, Num2, Num5, Num0 - menu navigation;
"`" (apostrophe on the US layout) - move forward through items;
rCtrl+Num1 - to repair the transport;
rCtrl+Num2 - turn vehicles;
rCtrl+Num3 - clean transport;
M+Num4 - Ragdoll;
M+Num5 - switch back to animatio;
M+Num6 - drunk Ragdoll.

Spawn any vehicle, including custom Addons.
Spawn any PED, including custom Addons.
Get yourself all weapons, including online and normal extra weapons (most of them will get into your equipment on the horse).
Peds spawn as bodyguards, making friendly, even hostile animals.
You can attach a 36 horse-drawn vehicles to your horse-drawn carriage, complete with 36 real horses.
Spawn any object and manage to build anything.
Listen to all music events (to be drafted by their names).
Call any function in the game with any settings you want.
To set the time scale (currently only works for slow motion, not fast motion).
Set any time of day or night.
Install any weather.
Teleport to Guara.
Drunk Ragdoll similar to the GTA IV.
Gode mode (God mode).
Infinite ammo and no reload (you can still reload manually).
Displaying coordinates and (or) speed.
Show the whole map in the pause menu.
Unblock any blocked transport.
To include management of the player in some videos (you may be able to fix a software lock).
Disable physics Ragdoll for the player.
Pause the game without causing the pause menu.
Make the player invisible.
Unlock camera angle, so you can aim straight up or down.
Save up to 50 different coordinates .ini file and teleport to them anytime
Pause (Airbreak), fly freely through the map.
Teleporting forward through walls, doors etc. using the keys.

- Extract all files from the archive to a folder /scripts (this folder you will find in Scripthook);
- Start the game through launcher.exe from Scripthook.


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