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Welcome to the ‘little valley’, a small region somewhere in a fictional and hilly area.
Welcome to the small valley

The map is intended for small to medium-sized machines. It has a main courtyard with a large cowshed, a medium-sized sheepfold and a small chicken yard.
Furthermore, you will find a ‘drive-through silo’, several storage options, 2 greenhouses and a silo for storage in the yard.
At the start you own several machines, some of which are getting old and some of them should be serviced.
In addition, you own 4 fields and 3 meadows.

Additional features
52 fields
14 meadows
a lot of forest, both small areas and large areas
Productions (Seed Making, Pizza Making, Grain Mill, Oil Mill, Carpentry, Wine Making)
a revised BGA 250kwH is also installed, and the terrain can also be freely redesigned.
Multifruit is installed and revised (clover, alfalfa, white cabbage, red cabbage, rye, carrots, onions)
You can feed the animals clover and alfalfa.
32 ground angles
Lots of custom ground textures to paint
House sale (you can bring pizza and much more to the family and sell them there for a little more money)
Main courtyard is completely remodelable
Next to the seed production there is an open space to build on
otherwise log error-free, but the warning with Meadow Mesh is not to be considered (comes from Giants)

Additional info and credits
Map icon symbols and the many production buildings are from Landbauer, thank you for allowing me to continue using them.
Some ground textures come from the Quixel database, they are copyrighted by Quixel!
This map may not be uploaded to any other site.
Uploading the map again after a slight revision is not permitted without my consent!
Anyone who wants to use textures other than the default textures should ask my permission (should be a matter of course)
If you have any questions or problems, feel free to come to my DC, I’ll be happy to help there, but no PM please.

Credits:- Landbauer- Prefab (LeoLeo, Austro Modding, The Lort, MłodySZY, ML Modding, DH Modding)- Giants

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