FS22 - Bockowo 1989 Map V1.0

Farming Simulator 22 Mods

Respectable I give you Boćkowo 1989 to FS22

The map has
10 farmlands [including a farm]

– Yes … No buying, but this is a map on Pogranie puki, something sensible will not come out :)

And no PDA
and this weight is also xD

You can do it in the field, etc. Everything is not working well, and the store is set well, so I recommend you to download the modifications – Store Delievers Available on modhub when someone buys a machine and does not set store delievers, no problem! The map has invisible walls removed so Everything Goes Through it! – Have a nice game. Wish you, Rej LS

I hope RetroSecret and Bociek do not mind that I am releasing it. I have kept all the authors
I also thank LeoLeo for helping with the Farmlands.

Credits:FS13 - Bociek LS FS19 - RetroSecret FS22 - Rej LS

Today Downloads: 2

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