FS19 - John Deere 8000 8010 Series V1.0

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This is a mod I had found and was in need of a LOT of work.
Went over every part of this mod. rebuilt parts made new parts.
Fixed all the i3d errors first.
Removed all unnecessary files reducing file size dramatically.
Made all textures to fs19 standards for better performance in game.
Fixed all xml errors.
Corrected hp, weight, speeds, and fuel capacity to real life values.
Fixed wheels and wheel sizes to properly fit the tractor rear axle now goes in the
rear housing and not held on by a magical fairy that you can’t see.
Added new wheel options as well adding options like duels will add weight to the back of the tractor
just like real life and adding weight to the front will add weight to the front as well.
Also more weight options.
New loader option to fit the john deere H480 by custom modding or the john deere 843 loader edit I did to go with this tractor.
All new lights, lighting
Other options added but I don’t want to ruin the surprise for you all so enjoy.

Credits:Udruzenje nezavisnih modera, Aj Bentley Edit

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