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Glorious tractors belonging to the Fiat series Golden Ribbon of the years 60/70. The tractors of this series have been characterized by the versatility and ease and economy in maintenance. These features have spread throughout Europe and even today they can be seen working in the fields of many farms today (thanks to the characteristic orange color scheme that makes it very recognizable them).

Powers ranging from 42 hp to 54 hp version 420 of 540. The motor is for all a 3-cylinder diesel engine from 2.6 liters of displacement. The transmission is a 4 marcie plus a reducer 8 which leads to the number of usable reports. The only version rear traction is distinguished by the simplicity of the mechanical and the restricted space for the steering and hence maximum manageability, while the all-wheel drive version called DT guarantees the maximum capacity even on the most difficult terrains. The maximum speed of about 40 km / h allows the use for the product transport with various sizes of the wagon, in an acceptable time and discrete distances. Different frontal weight versions are also available (440 kg, 600 kg, 800 kg and 1000 kg), which offset the only real drawback that distinguishes this tractor, the excessive lightness of the front part. The series hood allows to have at least a bit of shadow on sunny days, but does not guarantee the necessary protection in the event of rollover as today no.

Version Changelog:
1. Added configuration options; no rollbar, with rollbar and with cabin
2. Replaced tires with new Pirelli
3. Added configuration with smaller front wheels for the rear traction version
4. Added new weights

1. Fixed the exhaust muffler hole
2. Downsized the front axle of the rear-wheel drive version

1. New sound effects provided by Tobias Reuber

Credits:Plutot, conversion by FarmerBoy

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