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A significant drawback of the original map in ETS 2 is it’s colorlessness. Those who know little about geography may not understand which country a certain piece of land belongs to, such as Kaliningrad. For such and other cases, people creates mods in which colored backgrounds for the card appear. But their colors are often exposed thoughtlessly, and as a result, France turns pink, Russia again takes up the red flag, and Spain eats Portugal.
Therefore, I decided to make my own mod for the political map.

The basis for the map was an HD map from the mod – ProMods High Quality Map Background.
Many thanks to the developers of this mod for such a high-quality rework of the original map. I hope they will not mind that I took it =)
So, in theory, my mod should be compatible with all mods with which ProMods High Quality Map Background is compatible. But I cannot know for sure, since I do not have these mods.

Since this mod replaces all map images, it is absolutely incompatible with any other mods that also replace the map. Please, do not forget about it.

What we have:
Associative colors for each country.
I think they will all be familiar to one degree or another.
Correctly displayed state borders.
Inner shadow to smooth out borders.
Display at all scales.
Correct location of Britain in relation to roads. (I’ll repeat, I don’t know about mods)


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