ETS2 - Moconomy: Get to Business V1.0 (1.38.x)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods

1. Abandoned Job fines reduced to 2,000 to match the new pay rate.
2. Driver hiring fee reduced to 100 to match the new pay rate.
3. Employee's fuel consumption simulation reduced to real-life truck consumption rate based on New Gen Scania.
4. Employee's maintenance cost simulation reduced to real life truck maintenance cost.
5. Minimal driver salary reduced to 10 just for the game system sake, this should have been removed since it's not applicable in real life.
6. All jobs now pay between 0.50 - 5.0 Euro (similar to real world) depending on the type of cargos such as special transport, ADR, fragile, urgent, etc. And your level will not increase the pay anymore. The pay rate should now stay the same whether you are level 1 or 50.
7. The pay gap between the market jobs and cargo jobs is increased so that you should consider having your own trailers early because now they are worth having.
8. All player's skill based rewards are removed. Now your skill level does not provide any money bonus but it's still used only to unlock things and to raise your bank credit.
9. Now the bank allows you to start a small or medium company with a full fleet right from the start (if you choose to have) after you have completed the first delivery. (You may have to wait 60 seconds for the bank to kick in). You now start with a 5,000,000 Euro credit limit. But you are not forced to borrow all of it. The offer comes with 4 packages for you to choose. The loan packages are 100,000/250,000/500,000/1,000,000. If you want to work alone, you can just grab the 250,000 package or 100,000x2 which should be enough for you to have your dream truck with your own trailers. The credit limit will be raised to 10,000,000 at level 40 for you to expand your fanatic logistics empire if you are so inclined.
10. How about bank loan installments? This is a good question since you are going to spend the rest of your life working and squeezing your fanatic logistics empire to pay the loan. The installments are designed to be not too big and not too small to maintain the challenge and keep you on your toes watching your daily revenue. It will be feasible but not too easy, you still need to make sure your employees stick their a$$ on the truck.
11. The ferry prices reduced to real life prices (as of 2019). But they are not much different from the vanilla anyway. It's never cheap to bring a truck on a ship.

** This mod is in the early stage (beta) and has not been tested long enough because I play games very little each day. I have tested a little just to make sure all of the core changes are working. And I am going to test it further while I play it each day. So please bear with me and help me test it as you and many people combined together. If you find anything that does not work as intended/mentioned above, please let me know in the comment section below. Also your new suggestions are welcome and appreciated, but I will only apply your suggestion only if it fits the mod's main concept. Your employees should start to make some profits early, if they don't earn any income, please let me know also as it is very important.**


Not compatible with any mod that changes the garage prices, truck refund, damage cost, delivery window, employee's pay, tow cost, skill rewards, job pay, currency, bank loan and credit limit.

Gameplay Tips & Instructions:

To fully enjoy the changes, it is highly recommended that you start a fresh new profile with this mod activated in the profile creation process. If the job pay rate does not change, please follow the attached video.

1. Drive carefully as you would drive in real life. Because now a police fine or an accident could make you drive that trip for free.
2. Easy on the gas pedal, because now the fuel cost might make you cry when you refill.
3. For immersion, avoid swapping trucks too often as you get a free full tank of fuel.
4. It is now makes sense to choose truck engines wisely as you don't always need costly big 750HP engines. Choose small engines for normal loads and short distance trips. For your employees, give them only cheap trucks, unless you plan to share with them.
5. Plan your route wisely and choose jobs wisely, avoid taking a short trip with the ferry as it would not worth the ferry cost.
6. Try to own trailers early as the gap in the job pay is worth having.
7. Pick your garage location wisely, try to buy a garage in a major city (with 5 or more companies) as your employees will find jobs easily.
8. Make sure you enable "realistic fuel consumption" in the game option menu.
9. Make sure you enable "Traffic Offense" and "Sleep" in the game option menu.

Credits:MOMO & YUNA

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