Transport Fever 2 - Trevithicks Locomotives

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This mod adds the first, second and third* locomotives in the world. Richard Trevithick constructed these experimental machines in 1802, 1804 and 1808 respectively.
These engines are not quick, and they are not powerful. And in Transport Fever 2, not very useful. These engines have an availability set to about 1860 or so, making them early game engines. Just add on the ‘No Expire’ mod by UG if you want to have a ‘Meuseum Line’ like Beamish or Blist Hill

This pack includes:
Coalbrookdale Locomotive – 1802
Pen-Y-Darren Locomotive – 1804
Catch-Me-Who-Can Locomotive – 1808
Tramway Wagons (in group of 4)
Catch-Me-Who-Can Passenger Wagon


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