Transport Fever 2 - SNCF TEE Inox Mistral & PBA Coaches

Transport Fever 2 Mods

TEE Inox PBA & Mistral 69 car pack

These towed trainsets were developed during the years of growth in traffic on the Trans Europ Express lines, to support the services provided until then by self-propelled vehicles, and allow service to be upgraded. On board, there were many comfort equipment, shops, and even a secretary.
Resulting from a joint order between SNCB and SNCF, these cars will also give birth to the famous Mistral 69 variant, its stainless steel lines having crisscrossed the major rail axes of the South East and North until 1996.
Their withdrawal from service was made in favor of the opening of contemporary high-speed lines

Mod features:
Realistic model
2 families
High-resolution DDS textures
Dirty and aged texture
4 levels of detail
Buy menu
Assets with height and spacing parameters

Cost (€) : 2 202 496
Date, from : 1964
Speed (km/h) : 160
Weight (t) : 42
Seats : 22
Maintenance (/year) : 367 083
Lifespan (years) : 50

Credits:Alkolique, Claude, Transport Fever France, Fimilfinfaon

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